There has been no progress over the past 24 hours as I have been rolling Fregie Sacks(r) and working in the vegie patch… you can have a look at our tree planting efforts yesterday over here.

This is the jumper I am working on for Sam:

It has the cable pattern on both the front and the back and is easy to knit without a cable needle.  As you can see from the progress photos I am knitting it in a dark blue.  Both the pattern, which is from this book:

and the yarn are from Mum’s stash.  There is something about these “old” patterns and I see many of them “redesigned” and touted as new designs.  Does anyone know how to tell when they were printed?

I am thinking of knitting up the jumper at the bottom for me but given my attempt to get through all my WIPs and dedicate my attention to a single knitting project  I guess it will be for next Winter!