I asked J to sewn me up some WIP bags for small projects when they called in over the last long weekend.  Bit cheeky really but she is so good at sewing and quick and I am not.  I was getting tired of using the little plastic bags that kids socks and jocks come in – they serve the purpose well but tend to tear down the side or loose their button to close them and I want to cart my knitting around in style!

Sophie, Sam & I went over for a visit during the school holidays.  It was lots of fun and so wonderful to see the five children playing so nicely.  They baked cakes and pies in the sand pit, did loads of drawing, strung up beads, played in the park and went for a scooter ride along the Campaspe River.  I did some knitting and cut out a shirt, hung out with my big brother and J.  It really was a relaxing and fun time.

When we arrived J presented me with not one but three project bags:

The top one has Sam’s Jumper in it and is a perfect size to fit it all in.

The blue and green one is patiently waiting for the next WIP to be put into it.

This one is possibly my favourite because I love the fabric so much (although I really like all of them) and has a sock growing in it.

Thanks J!