This book is getting me all Sorted!

I just love it – it tells you how to get and stay sorted in a practical manner, easy to read and really easy to follow.  All it takes is a bit of time and discipline…

This book is the reason I am finishing up WIPs and spinning through stash.  It’s helping me simplify my stuff and hopefully move less into the new house.  Have a look at Lissanne’s website, she is lovely to deal with and, if her book is anything to go by, a wonderful personal organiser.  If only we lived closer and had more money but then I guess this way I am learning :).

The other site I really like is this one – it’s a friend’s sister so I get double the benefit when my friend pops over with new tips from her sister.  I really like the newsletter as it motivates me to get moving on whatever the topic may be… we all need a little prompting now and then surely?