Soon we will be heading into bushfire season, it’s hard to imagine right now but I know it will be upon us before I am ready so I am putting some thought into it all.  We aren’t necessarily in a high risk location but the 2009 fires started about 1km to the north east of here so it’s worth being ready.  Part of being ready for me it having a copy of our photos (mostly digital), and a certified copy or our licenses, birth certificates, passports and titles in another location – maybe my brother’s or sister’s house.  So, over the next few weeks I intend on burning backups of all our photos (which I should be doing anyway) and copying our documents to be certified, then prevailing upon someone to certify them all.  I think this is a pretty sound plan and a good idea as the only things really precious are the family and animals.  If we have our photos and ID the rest is replaceable even if it does cost some heartache.

All that being said, I think our new home will be a highly defendable dwelling with all the properties of straw bale homes, grassland surrounding and no real vegetation as yet.  I am planning on green manure crops over the next 6 months to build up the site for future plantings. 

So, among being back at Uni and writing essays, doing placements and submitting weekly comments/course work this is my plan… knowing m it will take a while.  Oh and I have started a new casual position in Midwifery, with my first orientation day today, so there’s that too.  Look out WIPs you may be cast aside :).