I have commenced a test knit for LilyGo.  I really like her patterns and jumped at the chance to do another test knit for her – it’s a lovely pattern.  One of the good things about doing a test knit is the time frame.  A time frame means that I will start and complete this project in a timely manner, not 1/2 knit it and leave it languishing for months on end!  I have pulled out some bottle green Bluebell from Mum’s stash and have used up 1 25g ball so far – I think it will take about 4 or 5 so it will be interesting to see – probably not the colour I would have chosen if I was purchasing yarn but it will still make a lovely garment.

We have moved into the house finally and so far it is living up to expectations – the toilets are AMAZING!!!!  I think I have sinusitis and have antibiotics, my essay due on Friday is finished but the online work is still to be done (maybe tomorrow…), Sam is getting sick too, Sophie is lovely and we are all loving the new house – Sam wants to move back down to the old house at times.  No photos as my desk is not set up and I am not sure where the camera cord is… I will find it and post some WIP pics at some stage.  Found the run away ewes and their lambs and brought them home but I think they may have slipped out again – a job for when I am better.  Happy Spring!