Quite a while ago (I can’t remember when but I think last year?) I cast on Loppem by Norah Gaughan.  It’s a lovely looking top and just the sort I like over a wool thermal in Autumn/Winter/Spring but I have run into some hitches.  It’s interesting how you put things aside without really knowing why and when you pick them up again it hits you.  The body to underarm measures 9 inches.  It looks short to me.  I got on Ravelry this morning and read a few comments and many have added an extra inch or so but….  I measured my underarm to hip again this morning and it’s 14-15 inches – do I have a long body?  I think I must.  If I leave it at 9 inches it is going to look ridiculous!  So I am going to frog it back to the underarms and add on some more… do you think adding on 6 inches is crazy?

Should I just knit it straight from the last decrease or should I frog the whole garment (please say no) and work out the decrease spacings to suit the extra length?

Do I have enough yarn? No Idea, I’ll have to go down to the shed and search through the boxes to see – the yarn was from the Wangaratta Woollen Mill so I don’t think I’ll be able to match it.  It’s black so pulling it back and picking up will be difficult unless I concentrate in a kid free environment.

One more thing – there seem to be a large number of mistakes in the pattern so I am going to have to go over the errata too…

I should be writing an essay but internet access seems to be intermittent due to both the internet and my computer (which I am about to do a program upgrade of which I have NEVER done so may end up with no computer…).

By the way, picking up this WIP means I have finished Sophie’s Cardigan – it’s lovely – so I will have to get some pictures and show you…