A few weeks ago I pulled out some handspun and searched my Ravelry queue for a suitable project.  The handspun is at least 23 WPI so a shawl was the thing.  I picked out the Swallowtail Shawl by Evelyn A. Clark which has been done to death but not yet by me.

It’s lovely and nice to work a shawl in the opposite direction to the last one.  I started off quite quickly with loads of satisfying progression and then I took it with me to the nursing home when we sat with Mum for her last hours.  My Mum’s cousin commented about my ability to knit lace while being with Mum and talking with the others around and I casually told her I found it pretty easy – I am a knitter like my Mum!  She agreed, it felt like the right thing to do – sit with Mum and knit as we said goodbye.

When I picked it up again on the way to her funeral I could not work out what I had done – it was most definitely wrong.  I put it down again.  A few days ago I picked it up and fudged my way through the mistake – it looks ok but I know it’s there…  I had intended to give this one away to the Shearer’s Wife but it now holds my last hours with Mum so I can hardly give it away can I?

So, as The Yarn Harlot said in her post yesterday, I think I will be knitting on this project for forever and ever…