Last Friday night I picked up some handspun.  I had made a deal with myself that I would only move up fibre (including yarn) when I was ready to use it.  It was an attempt to remain organised and tidy.  I also made a deal with myself to work through all the WIPs…  Some deals are meant to be broken, right?

The poor shed is in a right mess so each time I go in there I bring a bit more up and then Sophie wanted this dress by Tikki after seeing this one by Kylie.  I had to go through Mum’s old stash and see what I could find – with so much in that stash there had to be something suitable and with so much there I still cannot justify buying yarn.

The yarn pictured is Patons Caressa a blend of 45% wool, 45% Dralon(r), 10% Mohair.  It’s 8ply.  It’s in 50g balls and I have enough to construct the dress but……


Apparently green, orange, dark blue and yellow are ok.  The lack of pink is not.

So, I am going to attempt to dye the pale blue (which is actually barberpoled with white) with some red Landscape dye that I have and see what we get.