I have issues with hemming clothes, especially jeans.  I thought I was ok at it til the last pair I did for Pete.  At the time he felt they weren’t quite right but didn’t make a big deal of it….or so I thought.  He recently went shopping with his sister and bought two pairs of jeans.  He has short legs (sorry Babe but that’s the truth) and pretty much all of his clothes need to be shortened.  I offered to hem them straight away and they shared a look.  You know the look – they had discussed what I did last time and obviously it wasn’t good.  So, I got my back up and told him he could deal with them himself.

They have sat in the bag they came in for about four weeks.  Finally he asked me to hem them and I was determined to do a good job.  I measured them twice, I ironed the fold, I sat them on the ironing board.  They stayed on the ironing board all day and finally I decided that before I took the plunge I’d Google how to hem jeans.  Thank goodness!  I found this site.  The jeans are were hemmed by hand in no time and Pete is really happy with the result.