I have always been a member of the local library wherever I have lived but in the past few years as I have tried to rationalise the way in which I accumulate “stuff” I have using it a lot more.  One of my brothers is a prolific library user and has encouraged me to be the same.  Since I finished my LAST EVER essay for the current Masters (see I did just say last ever essay 🙂 ) I have been borrowing heaps of books and reading a little here and there. Inter Library lending is fantastic and I can get books from an amazing range of places meaning greater access.  If you are not a member of your local library go and join.

Last week I finished this:


I really, really enjoyed it.  I am partial to historical fiction and always learn a great deal about things I know so little about and the French Revolution is certainly one of those topics.  Decapitation by Guillotine was something I certainly knew about but not all the other stuff – of course, as an adult you can make guesses about the political scene but to read it all dramatised was great.  The book made me feel quite sad at times – such stupidity and the group/pack mentality – but I found the wax modelling quite interesting and enjoyed the story Michelle Moran wove around it all.  If you like historical fiction read it!  The book itself was lovely – the pages were rough cut and thick and felt so lovely and strong in my fingers and it was hard covered – a real book :).  I’m going to see if I can get some more of Michelle Moran’s books to read.