I am ever unfaithful when I comes to fibre and, instead of finishing off the wool I wanted to get processed by the end of this year (I might still get it done), I have pulled out the first of two bags of Alpaca.  Alpaca lives on our property – he’s not ours but he looks after the sheep and lambs and does a fantastic job so he lives here for free.  I was lucky enough to be given his fleece by his owner – her mother knits and felts so I will be sure to return at least one ball of yarn…. eventually.  Here is part of the fleece:

Alpaca 2011

These photos really don’t do it justice, it is a lovely black brown – I think the brown may just be dirt and that it might wash up as a black fleece but I will spin it before I wash it.

Alpaca 2011This photo is blurry but I wanted to show the dandruff in the fleece, I am not sure why he has dandruff but I will have to look into it – apart from the dandruff there really isn’t a lot of vegetable matter in it:

Alpaca 2011

Here is a lock with the dandruff:

Alpaca 2011It does seem to be flicking out and I guess more will fall out as it is spun and then hopefully and that is left will wash out…  I have flicked a tub full of fibre ready to spin, now I just have to find the time to spin it :).