We have been in the new house for over 12 months now and the garden is beginning to take its primitive form.  I am trying not to spend much on plants relying instead on bits from other people’s gardens.  Not being very diligent at watering makes this harder but it is coming along with the help of my Dad who is a great gardener.


Comfrey in the North-West Garden

The week before last I went to Pete’s Mum’s and took a heap of geranium cuttings, pieces of chrysanthemum, forget-me-nots and some rhododendron cuttings (I hold the least hope for these).  I also dug up some dahlia bulbs and gathered some seeds from some flower in her from garden.  I have put most of this in the west garden – it is the harshest area but I want to fill it up to help keep the soil moist and the house cooler over summer.

DSCN1764North-West Garden

DSCN1766West Garden


DSCN1767South-West Garden

Wednesday night we had a big storm (probably not as bad as other areas but it looked impressive) with about 30mls caught in the rain gauge – which had kind of fallen over so I think we had a bit more.  The bottom tanks were overflowing when I got up and I started the process of pumping it up to the 100,000L tank so we now have plenty of water again.  Almost (may have) stood on a large Brown Snake behind the big tank as I was looking at the native wild flowers and pulling out St John’s Wort – was going to get a photo but I think I’ll give it a miss now I know that the snake is there!