Just when I was getting back into regular blogging our internet access was slowed due to reaching our limit – the first time ever – and only 1/2 way through our allocated time frame.  Not sure what happened but it’s been painful – I am so happy it’s back to full speed – it’s so unfair being in a rural area as internet access is extremely limited offering no choice in service provider and no competition in price….I could really rave on here but most of you would understand completely!

In the absence of internet access I have been crafting and taking the plunge into another sewing project – I am yet to finish the first one but it will be done before Christmas…..  I have also assisted in a little bit of fencing on the farm.  I have also offered to sew an art smock for a neighbour’s daughter starting school next year and I thought I might do one for Sophie too …. a bit of learning to be done!  Any pattern suggestions?