I have been reading this book for a few weeks – I often have a few on the go – and have been fascinated by it.  I have am taking part in the NECMA Soil Carbon program and this book has increased or deepened my understanding of erosion in many ways.  Being a gardener I am a big believer in organic gardening or biodynamics or permaculture or a combination of them and have seen the way in which looking after the soil makes a difference to the plants.  I found the book a little challenging at times but overall it has really stimulated my desire to continue improving our “farm” and the way in which we are doing things here.  You dont’ need land to get benefit from this book, the book is just an interesting read.  Dad started reading a bit of it while was staying and also found it interesting – he kept reading me out bits and prompting discussion.  I am really glad me friend Victoria recommended it to me.