I have had issues with The Red Dress.  I cut it out…then realised I had placed the wrong part of the skirt front on the fold – how could I have got that wrong?  Not a huge problem… at least I don’t think it will be.  Then I carefully used a dressmakers pencil to mark out the front darts (is that what they are called or are they pin tucks?) and pinned them together carefully measuring the length of each one to ensure they were symmetrical and began sewing them.  Stretching material is challenging but worse if when the timing is out on the machine.  My machine was inherited from Mum and it’s a good 1970’s Husquvana but I have found that each time I use it something is wrong and it needs to go in for a service, then I get all worried that it’s the way I sew and lack of experience and then I put the sewing away for ages and lose interest.  Now, being diligent with my preparation I think maybe I just need a new machine?  What sort if the best to get for a beginning/novice sewer?