Ute load of fleece 2011

My sheep have just been shorn for 2011 and the colours are lovely!

Ute load of fleece - 2011

I have decided that I will sell the fleeces this year while I work through the 2009 & 2010 backlog so, the first fleece to go up is from my oldest whether.  He’s a lovely fellow who loves to muzzle into me when I go into the paddock – he loves rolled barley and will let me give him a scratch while he eats.  The second fleece is a ewe who did lamb earlier this year – her fleece is slightly tender but flicks well without breaking.  I don’t tend to name the animals (other than the cat and dog) as I find it just adds to the attachment.

The fleece is uncoated and has some vegetable matter.  I have skirted the fleeces and divided into two through the length (this ensures you receive an even cross-section of fibre).  As this is my first time selling fleeces and most are slightly tender I am offering them up for $15/kg plus postage which is below the going price for uncoated fleece.  I am happy to send a small sample prior to purchase if you pay the postage.  Please note that the colours are not quite true – the Ewe fleece is darker than appears on screen and the Whether fleece slightly lighter.

Whether fleece 20112.9kg – Mid to Light Grey – Whether

Whether - unflickedWhether - flicked
Unflicked & Flicked locks of Grey Whether 2011

Ewe fleece 20112kg – Dark Grey/brown – Ewe

Ewe lock unflickedEwe lock flicked

Unflicked & Flicked locks of Grey/brown Ewe 2011

If you would like to purchase this or any other fleece I offer (or have any questions or feedback) please email me at rebecca_sacco[at]bigpond[dot]com

I have now updated my etsy store with these fleeces.