I have finally skirted and weighed two more fleeces to sell – I have another 7 or so to complete so I’ll keep adding them.  Again, they are $15/kg and I am happy to sell in small lots – just let me know how much you would like!

As with the other two, the fleeces are uncoated and have some vegetable matter.  I have skirted the fleeces and, at this stage left them whole.  As this is my first time selling fleeces and most are slightly tender I am offering them up for $15/kg plus postage which is below the going price for uncoated fleece.  I am happy to send a small sample prior to purchase if you pay the postage.  Please note that the colours may vary depending on your computer screen.

This is a lovely chocolate fleece that does have patches of lighter brown/grey fibres.  Great crimp, very soft handle.  If it doesn’t sell before the next shearing I’ll be sue to keep it!

3kg – Chocolate to brown/grey – 2010 Ewe


Unflicked & Flicked Lock


2.4kg – Grey/Brown  – 2010 Ewe ‘Torn Ear’


Unflicked/flicked lock

If you are interested email me at rebecca_sacco[at]bigpond.com