I have been spinning quite a lot over the past few weeks.  I spun up the extra fibre for the Seawall Scarf – and I have underestimated and will need to spin a little more  for the last 30 rows! – I have been working on Lucy’s fleece from 2009 which I was spinning in the grease but have put aside for a little while, I have been spinning black Alpaca from Alpaca who lives with the sheep, I have been spinning fawn (horrible description as it so so much more beautiful than that word) alpaca that Pete’s boss gave me about 12 months ago and I have been working on the suint washed fleece which I must blog about to record my learning experience.

My aim is to free up all of the bobbins for the New Year from which time I will continue working on the same fibres.  I am in the process of selling my business and feel the bliss of clearing space – it’s kind of addictive – so I am trying to clear out all the fibre which will take years!  At the moment I aim to spin 25-50g per day while maintaining my stash of flicked, ready to spin fibre.  I keep 3 tubs, 1 of flicked black alpaca, 1 of the flicked fawn alpaca and 1 of Lucy’s fibre (this tub is currently empty and needs refilling).  On the side I have been flicking and drum carding the suint washed fleece and putting the batts into a clear plastic bag – I have divided the fleece into 3 colours and I have completed preparing one colour – and I guess this is really in place of Lucy’s fibre.

At the moment I have 1/2 a bobbin of black alpaca, 1/4 bobbin flax (this will definitely not be completed), 1/4 bobbin of grey fibre for the Seawall scarf, 1/4 bobbin Lucy’s wool, 1/2 bobbin Finn/Correidale cross and 1/4 bobbin miscellaneous fibre that came with my wheel 5 years ago!  Wow – when you list it it feels like a lot to do :).

One of the things I need to sort out is what projects I want to spin for which will determine the type of yarn I need to make.  Over the next few months I am going to look at the stash and the Ravelry queue and try to match up some fibres to get some items off the list.  Maybe at some point I will try to catalogue the fibre I have to aid in direction but I can’t imagine that happening until next winter!

From here my plan is:

– flick another bag of Lucy’s wool, fill the bobbin already started and spin another to ply it with;
– spin some of the coloured fibre for the Seawall Scarf so I can get that plied, off the bobbin & the scarf finished,  – black alpaca – finish filling 1st bobbin, spin another and ply;
– leave the Finn/Corriedale cross, miscellaneous fibre and flax til the New Year.

I have a lot of bobbins so there is no rush to empty them, I just want to feel like I am making progress.