I have been spinning consistently and it’s amazing what can be achieved!  So far I have the light alpaca off the bobbins and ready to finish off the Mountain Stream Scarf.

It’s a beautiful yarn – thick, soft, heavy.  I really like it so far and enjoy the handle of it as I knit it up.

Light Alpaca

See how “fawn” doesn’t cut it!  What is this colour called?

I have also spun up the first batch of suint washed fibre – the other 1/2 of this colour is drum carded and ready to go after the New Year.  This is 12 WPI (sport), 2 ply, 2009 Coloured Corriedale.  The darker part of this fleece was the more course fibre so I deliberately picked it out for socks.  The yarn is light, springy, slightly “crisp” to handle.  Probably could have been spun a bit tighter for better wear as socks but I might include a strand of nylon when I do the feet of the socks to add a little durability…..  Any pattern ideas for a man?

12 WPI Brown Suint Washed 2009 fibre

Colourwise it is much darker in reality, more a rich chocolate.  I am really happy with the way it’s turned out but I am not going to allocate it to needles until the other 1/2 has been spun up.  I am hoping I have learned my lesson with preparing enough yarn before beginning to knit!