I have been picking beans for about 2 weeks now and thought I had better get another lot in – Jackie French says to put in a new lot when the last lot start flowering so I am a bit behind but I am sure we will have enough beans given that I think the vegie box will start having beans too….

Pete collected a heap of poo from the paddocks a couple of weeks ago – our soil is very poor, it’s clay based and appears to have little available nutrients.  In a bid to make a more friable soil we are adding manure and mulch which is either straw, hay or lucerne depending on what is freely available.  I did buy some pea straw from the hardware store for the tomato bed but I prefer the other things or a bale would be better – anyway, we are trying to provide a variety.  The chooks are being rotated over the beds spending about 2 weeks on each 1/2 depending on the content of the bed before placing them there.  We are still supplementing them with layer pellets and scraps from the kitchen and they are giving us 3 eggs a day plus weeding and manuring the beds.  It all looks pretty dry but we are slowly getting there!

Today we have planted:

– Violet Queen Bush Beans – Diggers

– Italian Romano Beans – Diggers

– Golden Bantam Sweet Corn – Diggers

– Miracle F1 Sweetcorn – Johnsons Seeds (Hardware Store)

– Pink Beauty Radish – Green Harvest