I have done some semi-secret knitting over the past week and, on Christmas Eve, I decided to knit a beanie for the owner of Alpaca with some of his fibre.  I cast on ETTA late Christmas Eve and finished it off on Boxing Day – it’s now been washed again and dried ready for gifting!  It was a super quick knit, the lace panels add a bit of interest while knitting and the lace adds to the slouch of it.  The beanie piqued a bit of interest so I think another one is required for a January birthday.  Also, the Caramel alpaca that I blogged the other day has kind of been requested for a beanie for another birthday in January so I am going to have to spin up some more for the Mountain Stream Scarf!

Now, I am thinking ahead to the gift I would like to make, and looking at the Ravelry queue and I would like to spin some lace weight for this – the Oriental Impressions Scarf.  Lace is not my forte so I am wondering if maybe I make it from singles and I am also wondering if maybe I should try dyeing up some of the grey fleece in the fibre stash….  Just got to get some other things finished off first – back to the scarves :).