In my bid to be an organised person this year, and maintain momentum, I am trying to figure out what to knit for whom and when the gifts need to be done by.  For the month of February I need to make up at least two gifts but preferably three.  I have completed the four gifts for family members that have birthdays in January and the gifts were well received which is encouraging to say the least.

There is one Niece and Pete’s side, a Brother-In-Law on Pete’s side and a female friend.  I am already swaying towards yet another ETTA for Pete’s Niece in the same Plum that I used last time, a beanie in Black Alpaca for the BIL but am not sure what I will do for the friend and I may omit that one all together – I know she wouldn’t expect a gift but they are good friends and I think it may be a special birthday this year….

Before I begin any of them I am going to try and find some different patterns that appeal to me….any suggestions for quick easy knits?