You know I have been having troubles with the machine.  The Red Dress was the beginning but I felt I had conquered those troubles.  Yes, I cursed the machine and had thoughts of replacing it.  Yes, you all gave me encouragement and I found that it wasn’t the machine’s fault rather operator error and yes, I hung my head for blaming my tools instead of reflecting on my own actions.  Then I started on the smocks.  I changed the needle, re threaded the machine and I was off and racing.  But no, the bobbin was making all this gathered thread at the back.  I cursed the machine and pushed on making a mess.  After leaving the job for a few days I came back to it with a mild panic about school starting in a few days.  I sat down, I was going to get this job done.  More gathering and then the thread keep breaking.  I was frustrated.  I stopped.  I wanted to give up.  I went to Google and looked up my issues.  YES, the machine was threaded right.  YES, I had re threaded it.  I rewound the bobbin.  Still no change.  Maybe the tension was wrong – then it happened.  I got out the MANUAL.  Oh my!

The needle was in backwards!  How can something so seemingly little make SO MUCH DIFFERENCE?

Back on the job :).  This sewing thing is so much harder than knitting!