I was randomly spinning some of the suint washed fleece which I have flicked and drumcarded (may have had socks in mind now I think about it) and I am suddenly spinning with a purpose…..1/2 way through the bobbin.  I have decided to knit a Susanna IC item – most likely Abrazo which I think will look nice in the natural colours within the fleece.  The thing is it needs 640m of lace weight yarn.  My concerns with this are:

a)  I am seriously trying to spin more than enough yarn before I start a project to ensure consistency, to encourage the project to actually get finished, to feel a sense of accomplishment & I don’t think I have anymore of this particular fibre although lots of other fleeces would probably match.

b) The singles I have currently spun come in at about 24WPI (lace weight is generally considered to be 18+ WPI) so I am thinking the plied WPI will be more like a sport weight.

c) I am not sure how much fibre would equate to 640m of lace weight yarn…..

I am thinking that I just keep on spinning as I have been and use the yarn as Singles rather than plied?

I am currently working on the Susanna IC January KAL which has prompted an affair with her work but I am afraid my early handspun is not doing the pattern justice so hopefully I can do better with this one.