I have been trying hard for the past few years NOT to buy yarn and, with a paddock full of sheep, a spinning wheel and some Landscape Dyes plus a huge 70’s looking stash inherited from Mum, it has been a fairly easy challenge.  That is not to say that I don’t have a certain level of envy when I look at other people’s projects on Ravelry.  Recently, after I did my back, I had to go to the physio a bit and there was a bit of time between school drop off and the appointment that was child free.  I have come to learn that child free time can be dangerous but also that it is precious and slips by very very quickly.

On one such child free occasion I popped into The Ardent Alpaca for a little browse.  I have to state right now that I had NO intention on making a purchase.  I had just finished the Susanna IC January KAL and had been lamenting my slow spinning speed and slightly too thick WPI singles on the blog and I saw these:

Baby Alpaca – lace weight.  I felt a little guilty as I paid for them and stuffed them in my bag.  Later that day Sam wanted to go to the bakery and I told him we didn’t have enough money.

“Because you spent it all on more wool Mum?”

“Well, maybe…”