The week before last I started the Seascape Stole by Kieran Foley and so far I am really enjoying it.  I put it in my Ravelry queue in June 2008 – that’s a long time to wait!  I have used the green Eki Riva Baby Alpaca Lace the I bought at The Ardent Alpaca a little while ago.  Here is what I have done in two and a half weeks:

Seascape Stole

it’s not really all I have done as I have ripped it back several times but I am getting wiser and I am going to put in a life line with a note of which row it’s in so that next time I have to rip it back I will know where it’s at!  Sorry the picture is out of focus – it’s a bit how I’ve been feeling lately!

I am having some issue with my CYOSC KAL as my needles are too blunt for lace knitting – I am in the process of purchasing some ADDI Lace needles but they may take a while so I am quite behind there….