It’s been a while since I have posted an update on the vegie patch and it is going so well at the moment I thought I should do so.  I have been busy following the Gardenate schedule and I have loads of things that are pretty much ready for pricking/planting out.  My last lot of pricking out went exceptionally well and, as you can see in Bed 4 things are looking full of potential:

Bed 4

Bed 4

– Lettuce – Great Lakes

– Kale – Cavelo Nero

– Cabbage – Red Drum Head

– Beetroot – ? Bulls Blood (can’t remember & didn’t label)

– Chicory – Italian Red Traviso

– Sugar Snap Peas – Dwarf

– Self-sewn Roquet/Rocket

– Onions – Barletta

– Cabbage – Mini

– Chicory – Italian Red Traverso

– Cabbage – Wong Bok

Bed 1

Bed 1 – The kids and I harvested 1/2 of the potatoes on over the long weekend, threw in some trace minerals and in the far end we planted:

– Climbing Peas x 1 row

– Snow Peas – Dwarf x 2 rows

Then the rest of the potatoes are in the middle followed by

– Cabbage – Mini – 1 row

– Snow Peas – Dwarf x2 rows.

I am planning on getting some broccoli & cauliflowers that I have sprouted in between the Snow Peas & the Potatoes one evening when it’s cool.

The other Beds are still doing their Summer thing but as stuff comes out new plants & seeds will be put in – mostly peas & snow peas but also Brussels, Caulis & Broccoli that are ready to plant into pots now:


Bed 2Bed 3Bed 5Bed 6Bed 7

Beds 2, 3, 5, 6 & 7.