Messmate Fence

This is the West End garden – it’s looking lovely for a skeleton garden.  The Jerusalem Artichokes are so vibrant when they are in flower and are doing a great job of filling the pace.  The salvias are almost in bloom and all my cuttings of chrysanthemums and geraniums are slowly establishing.  The load of mulch and all the rain we had really worked wonders.  Strawberries are slowly filling in the border close to the house and the kids still delight in finding a red one without millipedes in it!  I am still not sure what I am doing with this garden but I am slowly painting the steel work and I have bought a couple of Jasmines to climb up the posts – one for each end of the western verandah.

South West Garden

The South-West Garden is also being planned.  It has produced some poor excuses for zucchini and a little corn but the pH is way out for vegies hence the thriving gardenias and strawberries.  The pansies are prolific and are spreading out their seed which makes me very happy.  I love to kneel down beside them and take in their subtle but sweet scent and I am sprinkling their seeds among the strawberries around the rest of the house…  I am planning on moving the Port Wine Magnolia and I have taken a heap of cuttings – some of which appear to be surviving – so that I can grow them as a hedge around the south-west edge and the edge onto the car park/driveway.  I had originally thought I’d make a hedge of tea camellias but I am not too sure I’d be able to make tea from them anyway – I could probably Google I and work it out but it does sound kind of hard….  Actually, I just went on did a search and it sounds kind of easy….  maybe I can incorporate them somewhere else in the garden at a later date….

Port Wine Magnolia Cuttings

I took these cuttings from my existing plant which a friend gave as a house warming gift.  I took about 50 leaf tips cuttings, dipped them into a solution made by soaking willow cuttings in water for a few days (said to stimulate growth) and pushed them into to mix of sand, worm castings & cow pats.  They have been there for quite a few weeks and several have turned brown and shriveled up which makes me think the green ones may just take!  I figure there are about 15 in there at the moment so I will need to take more cuttings at some stage…