I am falling behind on the Year of Knitted Gifts creation – with my Dad’s birthday passed and four birthdays in April that I can think of right now – so a bit of quick fibre preparation and targeted spinning was just what I needed to get the next project rolling.  What better time to start spinning that on a Saturday night watching football – first game of the season and we lost but it was still great to watch!

I decided that I would spin 1/2 the tub of wool I had flicked but in the excitement of the game of I got through 3/4.  So, while I am behind, I am ahead of schedule on this one – 8 days to knit up the intended project and I think it will take me one or two.

Hornfels Ridge Corriedale Handspun 12 WPI

This yarn is spun from some suint washed Hornfels Ridge Corriedale.  It is light & springy, not super soft but not scratchy either.  Spun S, plied Z, it’s 12 WPI, approximately 187 metres & weighs about 105 gms.

The pattern calls for 11WPI & 214 metres so it looks like, once again, I have not spun enough yarn.  I need to start this project anyway and see how far I get with the small hope that my measurement of metres is not correct and that I will get through without spinning more.