I have been trying to get through some fibre lately.  I am not very quick at processing but I have been working on this Corriedale/silk blend and it is an absolute joy!

Hand carded Corriedale & raw silk

The Corriedale fibre is from one of my girls (or boys) and has been fully scoured by me.  Once scoured I pulled out the locks to dry individually then bundled them up in a bag ready for flicking.  On Friday nights I have flicked out the locks then blended them with the raw silk fibre on the hand carders.  I have to admit that the first few rolags were difficult to produce as I had truly lost my hand carding skills.  100gm later and I seem to have my mojo back.  I am planning this fibre to be a bulky yarn for a hat from Weekend Hats.

Drum carded random fibre

On the drum carder I did up another 100gm or so of a random fibre I found in the stash.  It’s some sort of wool that I used in a natural dyeing day I did with the local guild several years ago when we first moved back here.  I don’t know what it was dyed with but it’s not the best colour.  I am planning on spinning it for socks but our new kitten has other plans for both fibre and the spinning wheels!  Given I prepared this fibre several weeks ago I feel that it may be a while until it’s a usable yarn.