I really, really want one.

Surely a Picker would make my bulk fleeces a dream to drum card?  Does anyone have any experience with a Picker?  I used one once, before I really knew anything about fibre, at the Guild, but someone had left it in a terrible state of blue fluff and that was such a long time ago now…

I listened to the latest Cast On the other day and was both pleased and inspired to hear Brenda or Amy say that they thought there should be more over dyeing of coloured fleeces.  My intention for the week ahead is to dye some of the grey fleece and see how it comes up, if it’s any good I am going to drum card it and put it on Etsy.  I have “my” stock agent on the lookout for a white Corriedale Ram to diverisfy the genetics at Hornfels Ridge and maybe even throw some white sheep down the track.

On the knitting front I have progressed quite well with the socks and I have picked up Blank Canvas in the hope that I will get the ribbing done by the end of next week.  No photos this week as we have gone over our monthly data usage and I just don’t have the patience to wait on uploads.