It’s been a busy week with the commencement of a new job but fibre is my peace.  I spent a bit of time last week dyeing up some Hornfels Ridge Corriedale which was partially an experiment and partially a desperate attempt to get me processing more fibre.

These were my dyeing attempts, both used the same undyed grey/brown fleece – scoured in Morning Fresh:

Hand Dyed Coloured Corriedale

Landscape Dyes = “Daintree”

 Hand Dyed Coloured CorriedaleExhaust dyeing = Landscape Dyes A Mixture of Reds/Pinks/Blues

I even managed to make up some batts on the drum carder, the photos are over exposed as they are the same colour as the fibre above:

Drum carded Corriedale

Approx. 180gms Dyed Coloured Corriedale Batts