Already well worn when I realised I hadn’t photographed them!  After all my complaining I really like these socks – there was never a fault with the design, only me!


Pattern: Firestarter by Yarnissima

Yarn – Ewe Give Me the Knits Sock Yarn Embers

Needles – 2.5mm DPN

Gauge – 8 sts/inch

Timing: 26 May 2013 – 21 July 2013

Yards – ?  I had a bit left over

Modifications – As you know I had a lot of trouble with the pattern for various reasons not to do with the actual design (see previous posts).  I lessened the stitch count and changed to knit one purl one as apposed to knit two purl one which meant I had two knit through the back loops together – can’t really tell.