Ugly Socks
They are finished!  Actually, I finished them last week and quickly cast on with my IxChel Bunny Sock Club yarn but we had been throttled so I couldn’t do much on the web.


Pattern: Moda Vera Noir Ball Band Sock Pattern

Yarn – Moda Vera Noir Colour way 80251599 Dye Lot 421

Needles – 2.5mm DPN

Gauge – 8 sts/inch (I think)

Timing: 27 July 2013 – 16 August 2013

Yards –  I had a fair bit left over – may even get a pair of socks for Sam out of it.

Modifications – Nil, the pattern was super easy to follow and produced a great pair of functional socks.  I knit the second size but Pete has small feet so I think I’ll knit the smaller one next time.

I don’t find these socks particularly attractive and, even though I thought I had pulled off the yarn to begin the second sock at the same part of the yarn pattern, they still look slightly different.  I have to say that I did get great value at $6 per ball so I really am not complaining too much and they have grown on me.

Ugly Socks

I think I was hoping for something more like these socks – I have some blue in the stash so I hope they turn out well!

Luckily Pete doesn’t care and they have already been put into rotation with his other 2 pair of hand knit socks – hoping to have about 7 pairs for him by next winter – only 4 pairs to go!

Ugly socks