I have just realised that it only about 25 days till a special girl’s birthday so I have pulled out the Lavender 8 ply Cotton I bought from Bendigo Woollen Mills at the beginning of the year to get her Olearia Shrug knitted up.

I calculated that it’s about 85 rows plus the sleeves – which aren’t very long – and I have about 21-22 days if I want to post it in time for her birthday (I am never on time).  That means I need to knit 5 rows a day to get it to her on time. Now, I know 5 rows doesn’t sound like much but for me it will be – I am covering for annual leave at work so I’ll be doing more hours and there is just so much to do in general.  Tennis starts in a couple of weeks (can’t wait) and I am getting the carpets cleaned in about 10 days so I need to do a spring clean before that happens….

But, knitting for special girl’s & boys is much more important!  I’m off to cast on!