The last few months have been about getting though full-time work, sock knitting and a little spinning.

At the moment I have been working on this:


It’s the batts I photographed a on my very first Fibre Friday and I am working on this fibre in a stashbusting effort.  I was planning on spinning this reasonably fine so I could use it for socks but my concentration laspes and my default spinning is about 16 WPI so I am not sure how it has come out.  I  found this to be a slow project but only because so little time was actually allocated for it even though I really wanted to get it spun up and off the bobbins so I could start the plum overdyed coloured fibre from a few months ago.  Also, I wanted the bobbins tidied up to ready to take the second half of the IxCHel Bunny Fibre Club instalment from the first month (last Fibre Club – not the current one!).

A Bobbin Full