There are babies on their way.  Not imminently, they are still growing bones, putting on weight – I think one is probably only just past cell division –  and getting ready to make the journey out of nice warm wombs into the world.  I know that a couple are being planned for and I am planning on being prepared.

About 6 weeks ago, after knitting some bootees that still need sewing up, I started a layette.  The centre panel was nice easy knitting – every row purl – which was great to whip through while at a conference but the outer part consists of 4 sections of lace.  It’s not difficult lace but it still takes concentration and at Row 23 there was an error.  Not a pattern error, a knitter error.  Row 23 – this actually meant that the error was below Row 23.  You’d think by now I’d know to use Life Lines but, alas, I was lazy yet again and didn’t put one in.  I have spent 3 hours last Saturday slowly picking out the work and getting back to where the stitch count is correct.  Needless to say a life line is now being added at every stitch count.


At the end of the 28th row there will be 241 stitches – that’s a decrease of 42 stitches over 28 rows.  I get to cast off the first piece at 73 stitches, that means I have got 168 stitches to decrease.  That equals  a lot of rows – I have a baby shower on the 21st so I think I’d better get those bootees sewn up as I don’t think the shawl will get done in time……