I have been purusing my Ravely Queue and day dreaming about socks I have wanted to knit but lamenting the lack of sock yarn when I realised that really, I don’t need to knit the ball band pattern for the Moda Vera Noir and that I could easily use that yarn for a Queue project and reduce my Queue down to 485.

485 – seriously!

I think I’ll save a little bit of money over the next few months and then order some yarn for some of the bigger projects in the Queue.

I really want a Thermal for next winter, Honeycomb has pretty much been on the list from the beginning and then, who doesn’t need a little black card?

Then there’s Robin’s Egg Blue Hat which I must really like as it’s in the Queue at least twice.

Maybe these were all projects I thought I’d spin the yarn for or maybe they were listed for inspiration or maybe I was just wishing that by having them on the list they’d one day make it onto sticks…..

I’m off to dream of yarns to make these beauties while casting on another pair of socks for Pete (lucky boy!).