It’s back to socks but I am staying true to knitting some things from my Ravelry Queue even though it is significantly shorter than Ruth’s!

These socks are my Manly Moda Vera socks which are being knitted from the Manly Socks pattern by Hannah Six.  I officially commenced them on 8th December but I think I’d only done about 2 rounds – a visit to family a few weekends ago really pushed them along.  They are not getting a lot of time though as I am working on the Layette Shawl and the January Mid-Month dishcloth as well.

I feel like time is so short at the moment but the 40+ degree heat hasn’t helped that – we have been on hyper alert watching for fires which takes so much energy & it’s been so hard to sleep.  Even our beautiful straw bale house hasn’t coped with so many hot days & nights in a row and got up to it’s highest every indoor temperature of 30+ degrees.  Luckily we put in ceiling fans this year which has been a small blessing but on a week such as this I really wish we had air conditioning!