Modified Manly Socks

Wow – I am shocked to realise it’s been so long since I last wrote a post.  In that time there really hasn’t been a lot of knitting but I have finished the Manly Socks and started a new pair.  This time I am knitting socks to give away.  It feels kind of strange but I know that the person who I am knitting them for will appreciate them especially as they are such a special yarn.

These socks are Love Heart Socks in the IxChel Bunny sock yarn I received in the sock yarn club I was in last year and which I just signed up for again.  It’s amazing how lovely yarn just makes you want to knit and knit.


Where I got to before pulling out.

I started the socks with 3mm DPN but quickly found that they were going to be too big – annoying since I actually did a gauge swatch.  I pulled them out & started again with 2.5mm DPN and still think I could have gone to 2mm DPN.  Anyway, they will be as they be and still look & feel great.  I just have to work out how long the recipients feet are without asking…..


The ball here is pretty close to the true colours