I think I mentioned that I was trying to spin some yarn for the Susanna IC mystery knit-a-long (MKAL) and that my way of achieving this goal was to instil a habit of spinning 10 minutes a day.  I have done it…..kind of.  I have been spinning on average 10 minutes a day and I have been spinning most days so it’s working.  I had truly forgotten how much I love to spin.  I love the process of digging out a big dirty bag of fleece that smells of sheep, pulling out tufts of wool, flicking them into piles that never seem to grow in weight but do in fluff, then spinning them up.  I love to see the way you can make something so amazing from a pile of wool most people would view as disgusting, gross, stinky, why would you bother!

I like to watch the singles grow on the bobbin and then despair that I need to do it all again to be able to ply.  I love getting to the plying stage and how single minded I can get – forget making dinner I’m plying!  Then, when that amazing yarn comes off the bobbin and into it’s first bath I marvel at the amount of dirt that comes out – the water goes almost black sometimes – but even more exciting is pulling that yarn out of it’s bath and truly seeing it colour for the first time.  It always blows me away.  I thought this yarn would be more on the brown side but it’s quite silvery.  I thought about dyeing it but I may need to spin more so if I leave it in it’s natural state I won’t have to worry about trying to create a match & I want to give the end result to the farmer wife as a thank you for the fleece.

From the 60gm I had flicked I have 52gm of 2 ply yarn that went around the swift 154 times (I haven’t worked out how many yards yet) and it 19 WPI.

So, here is the journey in poor photos:


On the bobbin


Singles – ?WPi


Beautiful Silver Yarn



19 WPI


Choosing beads for the KAL

I have started Clue 1 of the KAL and am nearly 3 weeks behind but it’s so much fun I can’t leave it alone so I think I’ll catch up quickly!