I finished the first clue for Susanna IC MKAL on Saturday which was a bit of a surprise.  The Grand Final was on (but I didn’t watch it – it held no interest this year and gave a disappointing result – not a very competitive game!) which is usually good knitting time but instead I sat out by the pool while the kids swam and knitted there in the sunshine.  I had just started Clue 2 when Sam started to make noise about feeling sick and we spent the afternoon on the couch with his head in a bucket while I stroked his forehead.  Let’s get something clear here – that is a big deal as I am the sort of mother that’s short on sympathy for illness – I think it’s due to being a nurse – so for me it was a big deal.  It was kind of nice in a not nice way!  I am trying harder to be more nurturing in times of illness – especially gastroenteritis type bugs because they often get me!  Anyway, here is Clue 1 finished – Sam took the photo for me and it’s a better job than I can do:


I chose the beads with the silver lining – they seemed to stand out just enough & I am doing the “lots of beads” version for a bit of razzle dazzle especially as it’s a gift & I want it to look…..opulent.  I am not sure the general population appreciates the effort of handspun but  know most of them like bling & will think beads in knitting is pretty special.