Those socks are done and a new pair quickly following along although I have encountered a problem already but more on that next week…



Pattern: Cornrow socks by Preita Salyer

Yarn – Misti Alpaca Hand Painted Sock Yarn – colourway

Needles – 2.25 mm

Gauge – no idea but way too small for me!

Timing: 15th June 2014 – 16th September 2014

Yards –  I had a fair bit left over – enough for a pair of tennis socks for me.

Modifications – Nil.

I really admire people who develop and share patterns.  I appreciate the time they must put in and the generosity in sharing the pattern but that said I would NEVER knit this pattern again.  There is nothing wrong with the pattern, it’s easy to follow, the end result looks amazing but getting there for me was a huge effort.  I found the mini cables a trial and the resulting fabric doesn’t have much stretch in it so it’s definitely a time when I would have benefited from a gauge swatch!  In the end I made them for Sophie to save on extra knitting but I now lament putting in so much effort for a pair of socks that will be quickly grown out of.

I will most definitely use this yarn again & the same colour way for a plain pair of socks, it’s lovely to knit up & very effective.

All that said, I LOVE these socks.  I LOVE the way they look & feel.  It’s a pity I’ll never knit a pair for myself!