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I have been loving the navy yarn – bought it at Bendigo Woollen Mills factory outlet at the beginning of the year – it was so cheap but perfect for dishcloths hence I this year will be mostly navy….

#5 March 1st of the Month KAL

#5 March 1st of the Month KAL

#6 March Mid Month


#1 January 1st of the month KAL


#2 January Mid-month KAL

Sometimes kicking small goals just keeps you in the game (can you tell it’s footy season again?!).  These are the two January cloths from the Yahoo Groups KAL.

Here are my last dishcloths for the 2013 KAL.

I have to say, I think the spider cloth is my favourite.  I made a mistake 1/2 way through it and had to frog to get the picture right but it was worth it (sorry it’s upside down but I am not sure how to turn it….)

I have knitted the pumpkin cloth before (it may even have been earlier this year when I was knitting up last year’s list) and it’s nice but no Halloween here so not so relevant.

I am wrapped to have finished all 24 dishcloths this year, not sure what my 2014 challenge will be…..  Happy New Year!







It would have been better all one colour but, hey, it’s a dishcloth & it used up some random stash!

Almost there and then you wont have to put up with dishcloths!


I LOVE this cotton. It’s left over Anchor Magicline colour 1454 that my sister in law used to knit Sophie some overalls back when she was little. I loved those overalls!



This is a bit boring but if this is to be a true record of my fibre journey I feel that I should let it all be here – no hiding the daggy bits!

I have been trying to get all the 2013 Dishcloth KALs from the Monthly Dishcloth Yahoo Group done and I am doing ok – I keep a record of all of the dishcloths on the group site but they are removed after about 12 months and sometimes it’s nice to look back and see what has been accomplished – even when it’s not a jumper or other large amazing project. Dishcloths are one of the most useful things I can knit – I LOVE using them – and I do use them as Dishcloths – and think every household should have a set of 7-14 in rotation at all times so I have been knitting a lot with the aim of having lots to give away.

I generally buy cotton from Bendigo Woollen Mills and just use 8 ply. Sometimes I pick up some on special at Spotlight but not often. I like to go through the suggested colour list at the beginning of the year and pick put colours from the Bendigo range and put in a good order – this year it meant I could knit all of the Olearia’s I wanted with left over cotton for cloths. Not sure how I’ll work it next year but it’s not long to go so I’ll have to start thinking of some bigger cotton projects or I’ll get bored with the same colour all year!

I have been trying to get through some fibre lately.  I am not very quick at processing but I have been working on this Corriedale/silk blend and it is an absolute joy!

Hand carded Corriedale & raw silk

The Corriedale fibre is from one of my girls (or boys) and has been fully scoured by me.  Once scoured I pulled out the locks to dry individually then bundled them up in a bag ready for flicking.  On Friday nights I have flicked out the locks then blended them with the raw silk fibre on the hand carders.  I have to admit that the first few rolags were difficult to produce as I had truly lost my hand carding skills.  100gm later and I seem to have my mojo back.  I am planning this fibre to be a bulky yarn for a hat from Weekend Hats.

Drum carded random fibre

On the drum carder I did up another 100gm or so of a random fibre I found in the stash.  It’s some sort of wool that I used in a natural dyeing day I did with the local guild several years ago when we first moved back here.  I don’t know what it was dyed with but it’s not the best colour.  I am planning on spinning it for socks but our new kitten has other plans for both fibre and the spinning wheels!  Given I prepared this fibre several weeks ago I feel that it may be a while until it’s a usable yarn.

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