Late but finished!





Pattern: Sorello by Georgie Hallam

Yarn – Bendigo Woollen Mills Luxury

Needles – 4mm circular and DPN

Timing: 15th June 2014 – 12 November 2014 (still sitting on the table waiting to be posted)

Yards –  I had a fair bit left over – enough for a head band or beanie to match?

Modifications – One slight “modification” to the sleeves (It was a mistake really as missed a knit front and back which meant 5 fewer stitches than required) to make them less puffy.





LOVE this pattern – the kids love it – Sophie wants one so one more to knit…..








I seem to be travelling well with this knit.  Another ?10cm and the sleeves and I am done.  Maybe it will get to my niece in time…..


I cast on a new project last week.  It won’t make its deadline but my nieces are used to that.  I had an overwhelming sense of procrastination over this project but I don’t think it was about the project so much as a feeling of a lack of time and a self-imposed pressure to get it done – in typical style for me that means just don’t do it!

The yellow is so happy & cheery that so far it has been a pleasure and, for now, it is growing at an amazing rate.  As a result of knitting this the Susanna IC KAL is languishing but I’ll get back to that soon.

So, here is the beginning of another Sorello by Tikki:


I love this pattern – the way Tikki designs them is so easy to use & follow & the results are always fantastic.  This photo really doesn’t do justice to the yarn colour.  It’s due on the 25th October but will most likely be delivered at Christmas…..maybe there will be a miracle!


Last Sunday look more like this:

Diamond Scarf in Progress

than knitting socks – a day punctuated by knitting as we collected wood, meant that I needed something easy to pick up and put down at short notice so the scarf came along.  I did employ the kids in winding the yarn for the current pair into a ball – it may have been quicker to do it myself but they have so much fun.


I did cast on a new pair of socks last Sunday but have run into difficulties right at the beginning so it’s taking a bit to get started – hopefully I’ll have something to show by next week as today we have a family gathering for an 80th!

Sophie's 1st lessonWeek 1

I have taken a tip from my daughter who, after a very nervous first riding lesson, got back on the horse for a second week and firmly planted the seed of desire to become a proficient horsewoman.

Sophie's 2nd lessonWeek 2

Sam up a treeOccupying himself during the lesson

No, I didn’t get on a horse but I did finish the first Socks on a Plane sock after a very nasty accident with my DPN going about 1cm into my palm.  I have now begun the next one…

So these photos are a little late as the first day of school was last week but the past week or two have been a little busy and, at times, a little stressful.  She was pretty excited to go but then got quite teary and didn’t want me to leave.  On the second day she had a sleep at school in the afternoon – she had a late night the night before due to a small emergency which ended up not being an emergency – which I don’t expect this will be a regular thing.

Sophie's First Day of School

Sophie's First Day of School

Sophie's First Day of School
Sophie's First Day of School
Sophie's First Day of School
Sophie's First Day of SchoolSophie's First Day of School

I have cast on for another birthday gift – there are 5 potential knitted gifts in my circle for January with one near the beginning, one in middle and three towards the end.  The middle gift has been completed and now I have finished the first and second ones.

My BIL is going to Japan during 2012 for a skiing trip and has flattered me by asking for a new beanie – he was given one a few years ago and surprised me by wearing it almost constantly during the colder months over the past few years.  I was going to use the caramel alpaca but, after his comments about ETTA and the black alpaca I decided to use it up in a beanie for him. I knitted the pattern Beanie No.212 which you can find here. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo and the gift has been sent so I am hoping he will send me one or two for the blog record.

For this fourth gift I searched Ravelry for another slouchy type beanie as my SIL made lots of noise about ETTA over Christmas.  I couldn’t really find anything else that I really liked so I am knitting another ETTA in handspun, hand dyed yarn.  Again this yarn is about 10 WPI so in between a DK and Worsted.  Here’s hoping it comes out well, if it does I might knit up another one in this yarn for Pete’s niece but if anyone has any other slouchy hat suggestions I’d be keen to look at them!


This is Finn/Corriedale cross that I spun up quite a while ago and had sitting in the stash.  The fibre came from Fairfield Finns and I will be sure to buy some more when I get my own stash down!  I have dyed it with Landscape Dyes – Apollo Bay & Sturt Desert Pea at a 1:2 ratio – I initially wanted a deep red but had nothing of the sort in the dyes so purple/plum it is.

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