In 2012 I want to make more of an effort to be organised for birthdays and special occasions so I am going to compile a list of ideas here to refer to over the course of the year – if you have any ideas let me know!

– I love this version of the Winter Cap from Creative Knitting magazine – Winter Issue #16 on page 47 – 11 WPI & 294 metres to make 1 cap.

– Martha Stewart’s scarf is a must for a few people – it’s quick to knit and I think it will be pretty quick to spin – 16 WPI & not many metres for this one!

– My usual plain beanie – uses 10ply = 9 WPI

This beanie pattern because I like the shaping at the top = worsted weight yarn = 9WPI

– ETTA – love this pattern!

Gifts for 2012 knitted so far:

1.  Standard Beanie

2. Beanie No 212 – Watch Cap

3.  Martha Stewart’s Neck Tie

4.  ETTA


One Response to “Handmade Gift Ideas for 2012”

  1. lilmommacass Says:

    I love that watchcap pattern! I make those with 2×2 ribbing but really like the wider ribs. Thanks for the link!

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