Another yarn from the IxChel Bunny Sock Club wound for socks on the go….


I seem to be travelling well with this knit.  Another ?10cm and the sleeves and I am done.  Maybe it will get to my niece in time…..


I am really enjoying this MKAL but it has taken a back seat to my current WIP as that is due in a week or so.  As I am constantly working on the WIP my spinning plans have gone awry so the yarn I need to complete this project is not yet made but it will be….




I knitted these guys up a few weeks ago while sitting in a couple of seminars/training days for work.  I always make a point of speaking to the presenter prior to the commencement and making sure they are ok if I knit.  I get some strange looks sometimes and often envious looks for others in the crowd who must be wishing they had their knitting too!  Unfortunately with these sock knitting during a seminar backfired in that I was unable to try them on & started & finished the first sock in one session.  When I finally tried it on I found the cut to be very very tight so very difficult to put on.   With the second one I added a few more stitches to the cuff and in the last round did a few K2tog to get it back to the specified number & this worked really well.  In true Cinderella style (read here Ugly Step-Sister) I made them fit & wore them to work.  By the end of the day my foot was numb – needless to say they now belong to Sophie even if a little big!





I cast on a new project last week.  It won’t make its deadline but my nieces are used to that.  I had an overwhelming sense of procrastination over this project but I don’t think it was about the project so much as a feeling of a lack of time and a self-imposed pressure to get it done – in typical style for me that means just don’t do it!

The yellow is so happy & cheery that so far it has been a pleasure and, for now, it is growing at an amazing rate.  As a result of knitting this the Susanna IC KAL is languishing but I’ll get back to that soon.

So, here is the beginning of another Sorello by Tikki:


I love this pattern – the way Tikki designs them is so easy to use & follow & the results are always fantastic.  This photo really doesn’t do justice to the yarn colour.  It’s due on the 25th October but will most likely be delivered at Christmas…..maybe there will be a miracle!




When I picked up the kids from the bus last night, I noted the joy with which they bounced towards the car.  I know it’s only the first week back but it was still not the normal “getting off the bus” demeanour.  With them in such a good mood I suggested a trip down the street to get the mail hoping that the new blender I ordered would be waiting at the post office – a vain hope as it only got shipped yesterday.  We went to the local bakery and bought a treat and then came home.  I asked them what had been so good about school today and they both said they had a new art teacher (they love their usual teacher but a change is fun) who started a new project with them.  The conversation went like this:

“What was so goo about art today?”, I asked.

“Mum, we had to deconstruct wool and then make something with it”, they tell me.

“Deconstruct wool?”, I ask.

“Yeah, it was so much fun!”, they say.

“What do you mean, “deconstruct wool”?”, I question.

“I’ll show you”, says Sophie pulling a heap of red wool threads from her pocket and producing a lightly felted piece of white wool shaped in a circle.

“Oh”, I say, “You’ve been felting!”.

“Miss B is so good, she’s even made her own hat out of felted wool!”, they tell me.  “I wish we had wool for felting”.

I swear I nearly fell over.

“Mum, do you know how to felt?”.  Incredulously I looked at them both.  I mean, I breastfed these kids while spinning & knitting & felting!  We have a house FULL of yarn & fibre!  I am always knitting or spinning or doing fibre preparation.  Off to the spare room we went & dived into the boxes of yarn & fibre – the shock and joy was beautiful – then into the bathroom we went….

Sophie lamented not enough wool to make a ball & I told her to go grab a handful of wool from the bag on the back verandah.  “What, the wool Rex gave you?”

“Yes!”, I reply.

“There’s so much and there are so many colours in it!”.

Fancy finding two children who love wool living under my and fancy living in a house full of fibre!  I had better send some in to school next week!

I am still shaking my head, “I wish we had wool”……..IMG_2667 IMG_2668 IMG_2669 IMG_2671 IMG_2672 IMG_2673 IMG_2674 IMG_2675