I decided that I needed knit something different – read here not ETTA again – to add a bit of variety so I have knitted the F346 Coffee Beenz Hat.


This is a quick easy knit – a good use of my hand dyed Finn/Corriedale that I used for ETTA.  It think it will make a good teenager gift – kind of cool (but then I may be a bit out of the cool scene since I was never there in the first place :)).   I still have lots of this yarn but I am not sure what I will use it for next….


I have cast on for another birthday gift – there are 5 potential knitted gifts in my circle for January with one near the beginning, one in middle and three towards the end.  The middle gift has been completed and now I have finished the first and second ones.

My BIL is going to Japan during 2012 for a skiing trip and has flattered me by asking for a new beanie – he was given one a few years ago and surprised me by wearing it almost constantly during the colder months over the past few years.  I was going to use the caramel alpaca but, after his comments about ETTA and the black alpaca I decided to use it up in a beanie for him. I knitted the pattern Beanie No.212 which you can find here. Unfortunately I didn’t get a photo and the gift has been sent so I am hoping he will send me one or two for the blog record.

For this fourth gift I searched Ravelry for another slouchy type beanie as my SIL made lots of noise about ETTA over Christmas.  I couldn’t really find anything else that I really liked so I am knitting another ETTA in handspun, hand dyed yarn.  Again this yarn is about 10 WPI so in between a DK and Worsted.  Here’s hoping it comes out well, if it does I might knit up another one in this yarn for Pete’s niece but if anyone has any other slouchy hat suggestions I’d be keen to look at them!


This is Finn/Corriedale cross that I spun up quite a while ago and had sitting in the stash.  The fibre came from Fairfield Finns and I will be sure to buy some more when I get my own stash down!  I have dyed it with Landscape Dyes – Apollo Bay & Sturt Desert Pea at a 1:2 ratio – I initially wanted a deep red but had nothing of the sort in the dyes so purple/plum it is.

I have been very busy doing birthday knitting so not much else it getting done here!  I have finished the gift for today’s birthday:

DSCN207Sam in Kieren's Beanie 20123DSCN20Sam in Kieren's Beanie 201274

Sam in Kieren's Beanie 2012DSCN2076

It’s my generic beanie pattern and the size knitted is adult hence it looks a little large on the kids.  I have used the left over black alpaca which came out at 10 WPI after washing vigorously to get the dirt out!  I started this beanie on the fourth and finished yesterday on the fifth – a really quick knit and a great back up.  I do intend to get ahead with the birthday knitting which is going to take some planning but so far, finishing off the bobbins in 2011 is holding me in good stead.  Now I am off to dye some yarn for the next gift…

Last Friday night I picked up some handspun.  I had made a deal with myself that I would only move up fibre (including yarn) when I was ready to use it.  It was an attempt to remain organised and tidy.  I also made a deal with myself to work through all the WIPs…  Some deals are meant to be broken, right?

The poor shed is in a right mess so each time I go in there I bring a bit more up and then Sophie wanted this dress by Tikki after seeing this one by Kylie.  I had to go through Mum’s old stash and see what I could find – with so much in that stash there had to be something suitable and with so much there I still cannot justify buying yarn.

The yarn pictured is Patons Caressa a blend of 45% wool, 45% Dralon(r), 10% Mohair.  It’s 8ply.  It’s in 50g balls and I have enough to construct the dress but……


Apparently green, orange, dark blue and yellow are ok.  The lack of pink is not.

So, I am going to attempt to dye the pale blue (which is actually barberpoled with white) with some red Landscape dye that I have and see what we get.