I was tidying up the wool cupboards some weeks ago to “make room” for my husband to set up a home office and in the process came across some long forgotten WIPs.  I put them together and am slowly picking them up and finishing them off.  This week I have started on a blanket – it requires one and half panels to be knit then sewing up and I think I can have in done in a couple of weeks if we keep on watching Breaking Bad Season 1.  I am finding this show a bit confronting though so I have to see how I am feeling each time we sit down to watch to make sure I can handle it….



It’s been a looooong time since I last posted here.  I have been knitting – things that have been on the sticks for months if not years which I have noticed seemed to be a bit of a theme in the blog world for a day or two.  I have worked on some pretty sweet children’s clothes like this skirt, that dress and a couple of versions of this bolero too.  I have no idea if I have photos of the finished items but I will take the time to search them out at some point.  I have also almost finished up a scarf which I think I may have started about 6 years ago and done a few of the Yahoo Groups Monthly Dishcloth KALs.

In celebrations of finishing some long suffering WIPs I have commenced some more!  Now I have a pair of socks on the go, this scarf and Blank Canvas by Ysolda, a favourite designer of mine.  I think both of the last two projects will be long term WIPs for me but time will tell.

I have also been playing with fibre but more on that another day…..  I’m off to an education day about dead lambs which should prove very interesting.

I have made it to the Great Divide and conquered it and it feels great to go from all those stitches to small lots and this is a child’s cardigan!  It’s a great feeling to be making progress and spending a little bit of time each day make a big impression when you look back at the end of a week.

I am probably going to put this aside while I am at Uni next week and work on socks or a beanie or wrist warmers or a tea cosy or something that doesn’t require any concentration while listening to lectures… any suggestions?