I am loving these socks – just need a few more conferences……



I got up this morning and did my 15 minutes of spinning despite a small disability due to almost cutting the tip of my index finger off yesterday (maybe a little dramatic but some glue or a stitch may have been a good idea, I’ve stuck it down with tape and it’s stopped oozing and throbbing unless I knock it).  It felt great (not the finger, the spinning, sticking to the plan etc), done by 7am, let’s see if I can keep it up.  I ended up doing more than 15 minutes though as today is Sock Sunday and I don’t like the socks I’m working on.  Despite only having 20 rounds of pattern to go, they are a trial.   I took them to the skate park but didn’t get them out, I took them to an afternoon kids party and left them in the car, now I am off the read good night stories and then, maybe then, tackle the last little bit.  As incentive I dug out the next pattern so hopefully I’ll have something to show next Sunday!

I found this sock when I was going through the mess of yarn, fibre & WIPs but I have no idea what the pattern is or where it might be.  It was bundled up with some Ann Budd patterns from Knitting Daily but the pattern doesn’t seem to match any of those, any suggestions?
Unknown Baby Sock

A late sock Sunday Post due to a busy few weeks!  I have finished another pair of Moda Vera Noir Socks for Pete.



Pattern: Moda Vera Noir Ball Band Sock Pattern

Yarn – Moda Vera Noir – not sure what colour way these one are as I lost the ball band while fishing.

Needles – 2.5mm DPN

Gauge – 8 sts/inch (I think)

Timing: Sunday 10th November 2013 – Sunday 8th December 2013

Yards –  Again I had a fair bit left over – definitely enough for a kids pair

Modifications – Nil.  I made the smaller & size and they are much better – but look tiny for a man!  For these socks I used a knitted Kitchener Stitch  or 3-needle bind of, to graft the toes as I couldn’t find my sewing needle – luckily it turned up to darn in the ends – amazing what cleaning your desk turns up!




I realised last week that I had not blogged the Wonderland socks I knit from the first Ixchel Bunny Sock Club I received earlier this year.

The reason I guess is that until today they were not really finished and lying around in the WIP basket. The ends are now darned in and they have been put into the sock draw.



Pattern: IxChel Bunny Wonderland Socks

YarnIxchel Bunny sock club July 2013 (I LOVE this yarn – it is so lovely to feel and knitting it up was a dream!)

Needles – 2.5mm DPN

Gauge – 8 sts/inch (I think)

Timing: 16 August 2013 – 30 September 2013 (but maybe 24th November technically)

Yards – I had a little left over but not much.

Modifications – none!

I am going to wind the next sock club yarn later today ready to cast on when I have finished the brown Moda Vera Noir.


 Today’s the day we put up the Christmas tree – so lots of fun to look forward to this afternoon!

Another full weekend but rewarding all the same.  We went to a great workshop today on woodlands – quite inspiring & we came away with some nesting boxes for some local wildlife – I am hoping in 6-12 weeks I might have some photos to show!

I did get a bit of work done on sock two though:


These socks are taking a loooong time.  With only about 35 rows to go I just can’t seem to get there but maybe by next Sunday I’ll be through them.  That’s not to say I am not enjoying them though!  I like the pattern & the yarn is so lovely to knit with but time is limited and it is sock #2 so the excitement ebbs a little.


I have ordered some more yarn from Bendigo Woollen Mills for a little potential gift knitting so maybe no more socks for a few months…